Teach a Grammar Lesson
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Use MyScreen for School  
MyScreen can be used by teachers and students to turn "look-at-this-information-on-the-computer lessons" into lessons that will allow, and could even require, active participation and manipulation.  
This example involves students using MyScreen to complete an assignment on sentences and grammar. They will have to build a sentence from a supplied word bank and then label its parts of speech. A teacher could use this same example to teach sentences and grammar.  
The teacher will create four schemes for use in the assignment. The teacher will create a document containing instructions and a list of usable words at its top. There should also be adequate space for students to write their sentences.  
(Our choice is a web page as it can be accessed at home as well as at school. A wordprocessor would work just as well in the classroom.)  

Students will open the assignment document and activate annotation mode.  

Students will use the Marquee Scheme to select words from the list to drag down into the sentence area. A single click and drag will move the selected word and a double click and drag will copy it.  
(For more information on using the Marquee style, see Styles.)  

Students will use the Noun, Verb, and Adjective Schemes to add the appropriate annotations to their sentence parts of speech.  
(For more information on using the Line, Double Line, and Caret styles, see Styles.)  

Students will wait as the teacher checks their work.  
Students will print their work for their teacher using MyScreen's Print command.  
Students will email their work to their teacher using MyScreen's Email command.