Teach a Biology Lesson
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Use MyScreen for School  
MyScreen can be used by teachers and students to turn "look-at-this-information-on-the-computer lessons" into lessons that will allow, and could even require, active participation and manipulation.  
This example uses MyScreen to focus student attention on different parts of an slide specimen that has been projected on a large screen from the teacher's computer.  
Project an image of a slide's contents from your computer or from a microscope fed through your computer.  

Activate annotation mode and use MyScreen's Text style to add to a list of amoeba parts.  

Imagine a box around the nucleous, put your mouse pointer in a corner of that imaginary box, and then drag diagonally to the opposite corner of the imaginary box. What you should be left with is a marquee of "marching ants" around your selected area. If you need to reselect, just click anywhere on screen outside of the marqueed area and start again.  
Use the toolbar Zoom in button sc-zoom+ or the rightclick menu Zoom In command to increase the magnification of your marqueed area. Use the toolbar Sharpen button fm-sharpen and Lighten button fm-lighten as necessary to enhance the magnified image (rightclicking on either button will undo the last applied effect in case you click one time too many).  
Drag the Floating Marquee to the right so that it is positioned next to its text label. Click the toolbar Float button fm-float or click anywhere on the screen outside of the marqueed selection to set the moved image in place.  
Repeat steps 2-5 as necessary to complete your discussion.  
At this point you could print the screen you've created as a handout for the class to use for review and reference. You could also save the screen to a file on your computer for your future review or reference.  
If you save the file, you can use it as a review exercise by hiding/erasing the zoomed details and using MyScreen to "connect the dots".