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Have you ever wanted to print or save just a paragraph or so from a web page or other document? Sure you could copy into notepad or some other application and print or save from there, but ugh, the steps. This system tray utility gives you quick rightclick access to those functions. Just select some text in your application, then rightclick on the icon and choose an item from the menu.

Four Easy Steps to Use the Program
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  • Immediately Print selected text from Windows applications.
  • Immediately Save selected text from Windows applications with options of overwrite, add to top, and add to bottom if the target file already exists.
  • Load selected text into an internal text editor for modification before Print/Save.
  • Editor resolves fonts and styles of copied text for most apps (not Netscape alas)
  • Editor allows more font control: color, alignment, bullets, indentation
  • "Remember" feature allows you to add multiple text selections to editor before Print/Save.
  • Optional prompt for text selection title.
  • Immediately Print screen captures of selected screen areas.
  • Immediately Save selected screen areas in either Full Color Bitmap, 256 Color Bitmap, GIF, or JPG format.
  • Load screen capture of selected area of your screen into an internal graphics editor for modifications before Print/Save.

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