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PICK OF THE DAY - 04/03/00

Print This Now

When I first saw the author wanted 20 bucks for Print This Now my initial thought was, this guy must have eaten way to much lead based paint as a child because he's nuts. To charge $20 for such a small program seemed insane. I can go down to the CompUSA and get the latest computer games for about $15 more. I didn't think I'd be paying $20 for such a niche program. A few weeks of using it, however, has me singing a much different tune.

Print This Now might be a specialized program but for me it's a huge timesaver. What it does it allow you to directly print or save virtually any text you find regardless of its source. From a Web page, a Word document, e-mail message, wherever. You don't have to print out the entire page just to get a small segment of text or copy and paste it into another document and then print that. You can do it all in one quick shot with Print This Now.

All of its functions are easily accessible right from its icon in your system tray. When you highlight the text you need, you then simply right click on the Print This Now icon and select your choice from the resulting menu. You can print out that chunk of text right on the spot, save it to an already existing document, or load it into Print This Now's own internal editor for any minor changes before printing/saving it.

One nice thing about Print This Now is that it now has a "remember" option which lets you add multiple numbers of text chunks together before doing a print or save to file. It's a nice way to save paper and make you more efficient. Along with just capturing text, Print This Now can also do basic screen captures of areas you select. These too can be printed directly or immediately sent to your favorite graphics editing program to work on before you decide to print it or save it somewhere.

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