Virtual Drillmaster     version 3.6
This program is the answer for practicing martial arts techniques when you don't have a live partner. In VDM, images, text, and sounds combine to provide you with a customizable drilling/learning experience, and with an exercise partner for just about anything you can imagine. You choose the exercises you want to practice, select round length, and then practice your responses to random or sequential prompts from the program. You can add exercises and photos of your own techniques plus sounds and descriptive text. You can use the program as a quiz master to help your study of theory or as an exercise director to hone your responses.

There are two shareware versions of VDM to choose from. The Full Install version includes images, sound, and text for 15 drills including Knife, Single Stick, Double Sticks, Boxing, and Focus Mitts, all with both the right and left hands. The Light Install version includes images, sound, and text for 2 drills dealing with right handed Knife only.

What does VDM look like?
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  • User definable drills using images, text, and sounds
  • Easy export/import of drills with all images, text, and sounds involved
  • Unlimited number of drills can be created and saved
  • Drills can be played singly or in groups with user specified breaks
  • USE to exercise with spontaneity
    In Random mode, you don't know what's coming next
    because you're not the one deciding what's coming next; VDM is!
  • USE to learn technique
    Learn at your own pace by putting together drills of your choice at speeds you determine.
  • USE as a rounds timer
    No more rewinding the kitchen egg timer once you let VDM start and stop your rounds.
    You can specify round duration and how long to pause between rounds.
  • USE to relax at work
    Run a drill or two and practice (mentally at least) counters from your chair.
  • USE to demo your art or school
    Set VDM to loop through several drills for a showcase of whatever you desire your audience to see.

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