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version 3  
·Tips and Tricks Section in Help File  
·Keyboard Shortcuts Section Help File  
·New Ebay Examples of using MyScreen  
·Rightclicking the toolbar Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons opens a Clips shortcut menu.  
·Rightclicking the toolbar Wash button acts as a Delete key keypress.  
·Doubleclicking the toolbar Copy button acts as a Prnt Scrn key keypress.  
·Doubleclicking the screen when using any drawing style will "pick up" the color that was doubleclicked and make it the active drawing color.  
·Doubleclicking the screen when using the Clone style will reposition the Clone source to the doubleclicked spot on screen.  
·Toolbar Marquee button shows width and height of marqueed selection in its tool tip.  
·GIF transparency prompt when saving screen or selection in GIF file type.  
·JPG compression prompt when saving screen or selection in JPG file type.  
·New Floating Marquee effects: Buttonize, Feather1, Feather2, Feather3, Semi-Opaque  
·Text style has a better organized editor panel  
·New Screen command to Insert file onto current screen