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Love it!
the best Fuzzrite on the market. 10/10
Finally, there's THAT sound I've been searching for.
Excellent in all ways.
Awesome sounding fuzz pedal!
Awesome pedal! Spot on 60's sound.
Hey Ash, the fuzz is pretty crunchy.
I just got my FUZZbrite today and was floored by how amazing it sounds.
A Dream of Nostalgic Sounds Come True
A good Fuzzrite clone that certainly gets that sound!
The sound of Davie Allan and the Arrows! (Check out "Blues Theme") Great for 60s bright raspy fuzz. Super interesting tone section bleeds in lower end 1st gain stage for bass and high and tight second gain stage for buzzsaw goodness!
In the garden of Eden baby!
Sorry, my fuzzbox is far too loud!
Really buzzy screaming evil fuzz.One of the better fuzzrite clones out there.
Perfect for that grindy 60s fuzz sound. Like a Fuzzrite! Also works for spaghetti western fuzz tones. Interesting tone circuit goes from bassy and lower gain to bright and cutting. Really fun!
delicate notes fizzle out with a destroyed complexity=POSITIVE
FANTASTIC sound! Wow. Thank you!
Finally have the Fuzz sound I've been looking for-N-A-S-T-A-A-Y!!!-Thank you!!!
Great work! Sounds spot on!
Love the pedal, slightly unstable just like they should Sound. Killer dude! Thanks heaps.
Hey dude. I just picked up a fuzzrite and it is AWESOME. This is the fuzz i have been looking for to get that 60s psychedelic nuggets box set ina gadda davida baby!
This thing is GREAT!!! BUY ONE!!!
Best fuzz I have ever owned!
Works Perfect! Killer old school fuzz!!
Pedal sounds GREAT!!! Thanks!!
Cool fuzz pedal.
Great pedal! Thanks!
This thing recreates the joy of my first fuzz, from '70s high school. Love it!
Amazing pedal. Nails the Stooges sound!!!
If Blue's been ur theme but you wanna be a dog then this is for you.
Good quality pedal, awesome sound.
Great Pedal! Thanks!
Nice product. A+++
Nice pedal. Thank you!
order for a friend and he told me 5 stars all the way is what the seller deserve
The best pedal I own and I AshBass is an incredible Ebayer. Couldn't be happier.
Excellent. Thank you.
Good job, thank you!
Just wanted to say thanks. I really like your pedal. I've picked up a few fuzzes recently looking to get old staticky buzz sounds. I messed around recording with it today and was able to nail the os mutantes buzzy lead sound. The depth knob has quite a dynamic range. Really cool stuff. - 77mainframe
Definitely nails the Fuzzrite sound, highly recommended!
Thanks!!!just what I needed!AAAA+ best FUZZ sound out there!
If you're a fuzz fan, this is one sick fuzz. Recommend
This is the ultimate FUZZ sound I was looking for years! / Top deal! / Thanks!!!
I recently had a friend claim total victory after purchasing the Fuzzbrite. As a fan of super 60s fuzz, I too would like to purchase one. Could you tell me when the Fuzzbrite will be available again? Thanks, JV
Great deal on a great sounding pedal. Buy with confidence. Peace.
Great sounding pedal !!!! Just what I was hoping for!
Ashley, A 61 year old friend of mine, who is a Guitar Master,(was using a fuzzface and wah in 1967) after getting a FUZZbrite from me, has isolated himself, dug out his nehru jacket, put on his pointy boots, stacked up his IRON BUTTERFLY collection on the turntable and insists the FUZZbrite is the missing link fuzz-god.( a true story) I agree. I have had a blast as well. I have yet to squeeze out a bad sound when the FUZZbrite is on. - pedaldude5
Sounds like Davie Allan & Arrows circa '66. Nice!
Amazing Pedal. AAAA++++++++++++++++
Thank you!
killer pedal, smooth transaction
Awesome pedal! Thanks so much!
"Satisfaction" ;-D
el fuzz perfecto.
Perfect! Great Fuzzzzzz! FAST shipping! Good communication! Cheers from Germany!
Without a doubt the coolest 1960's buzz box I have used! great pedal.
Great pedal! Quick postage and helpful seller. Thanks!
Sounds great! Very fast shipping.
Clean and Mean, I love this pedal. Thank you!!!
Awesome pedal
great pedal! thanks!
good seller great pedal
Nail that Iron Butterfly sound guys! Buy Ashbass' FUZZbrite. Thanks.
If you're looking for that 60's Biker Flick Fuzz...This is your pedal! Awesome!!
Excellent Sound and Value.AAAAA
Excellent seller Great pedal!!!!!
very nice!
Great quality, very satisfied
Amazing pedal, couldn't be happier! Fuzz Heaven!!!
Fuzz a GO-GO!
fast shipping. fantastic box. works great. more than promised
My second one! Great item - fast shipping!
Perfect ! Thanks !
j'aime cette pédale , bravo et merçi pour votre travail.
     "I love this pedal, bravo and thank you for your work."
Love the FUZZbrite! Absolutely Recommended.
Very happy!
Awesome pedal!
My fiance is THRILLED with his FuzzBrite!
righteous craft/cool tool.not a muff or fuzzface folks.awsome!
Awesome! thanks much!!
item was exactly as advertised, shipped promptly.
Item received really quickly and sounds bloody brilliant! cheers
Pedal Sounds killer! Thanks!
Pedal works great. On time shipping.
Great pedal
Good Stuff
AWESOME! Finally, after 40 years I can reproduce Davey Allan's cool sounds!
Ashley my amp thinks the Fuzzbrite is tryin to rape it squeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllll
Very happy with my Fuzzbrite! Excellent seller!
perfect deal for a nasty fuzz. it sounds like I was waiting for !!!
As described. Fuzz sounds superb. Clean Fuzz is a good way to describe it.
I love this Pedal!!(but not enough to marry) Ashbass Fuzzbrite !!Thanks Ashley!!
Great pedal, just what I wanted! Fast shipping.
Wow! Wonderful 60s sound. An incredible bargain. Thanks!
< thanks >
Garage fuzz -Hooray! Nice product exactly as described & quick shipping!
Awesome, talented seller. Nice, nasty fuzz. Buy this pedal! It rocks!!!
great sounding
Amazing pedal! The REAL DEAL! This is an epic fuzz!
Authentic 1960's fuzz tone
fast shipping, amazing fuzz,
Great pedal, vintage sound.
Perfect, thanks for the great legendary tone.
efficient service and nice bit of kit
very authentic sounding fuzz
FUZZbrite : definitive 60's nasty garage sound !!!
Great Fuzz, Simple transaction, Fast international shipping A+
Fuzz sounds great - thank you!
Great fuzz unit--darn close to Maestro. Fast shipping. Recommended seller
This is the FUZZ I have been searching for. Perfect! Thanks!!
Awesome Sound !
Awesome Item!!! Awesome Seller!!! Awesome Deal!!! Thanks
Great Fuzz Pedal!!
Top notch service.
Great Fuzzzzzzz!!!! Thank you very much! very fast shipping to Spain!!!
My second pedal from you. A+ Ebayer!
trés satisfaisant
     "very good"
Great pedal, fast shipment
Great '60s-sounding fuzz, super-fast shipping, I'm totally satisfied!
Super quick shipping and sounds amazing
The perfect 60's fuzz! No other pedal comes close!
Really nice tone and good communication, Ashbass respond when there is a problem
great item!!!!! fast shipping!!!
Great Pedal! Thank You!
Fast shipping, Great fuzz pedal sounds AWESOME!
Thanks for this cool piece of fuzz history. ;)
Great fuzz! Awesome!!
The pedal.. excellent & fuzzy
Everything at its best!!!!
Awesome fuzz pedal
so far so good...Great sound
Fantastic to deal with! Perfect! KILLER pedal too!
Wicked, thanks Ashley!
very cool pedal!!!
Quick postage, Quality fuzzz
My second one. Great pedal!
thanks mate! best fuzz ever!
Perfect, Incredible pedal, thanks, Highly recommended!!!!!!
WOW -- great sounding fuzzbox, and ultrafast shipping. Best on EBAY!!!
good stuff, fuzzbrite pedal sounds amazing
Amazing product, great communication, and very fast shipping. Fear the fuzzy!
Yup. That's the sound! Thanks!
classic fuzz, superfast delivery.! thanks!
Its beautiful - I have been searching all my life for this. Thank you
Great Fuzzzzzz! Fast shipping.
Great sound!! fast delivery to france. Thank you Ashley!!
FUZZbrite sounds insane, couldn't recomend more!
Fantastic pedal - A++++++
THE FUZZ IS RITE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks! I can't stop playing it
The pedal is unbelievable! Thank you very very much! Flawless.
The best
very cool pedal
phantastic FUZZ pedal
Great fuzz. Sent quick. Thanks!
Cool Pedal. Thanks!
Great sounding pedal.
totally positive experience and great fuzz!!
great fuzz
this fuzz is the real deal , my search has ended , thanks ash
A nasty piece of work - i love it, thanks
Fast service-Great fuzz
Great mid-60s fuzz. Thanks for making this!
great sounding box better than expected
Exactly what I've been searching for. Very helpful when ordering, fast delivery.
The best fuzz ever, these guys are the best.
Nasty fuzz in a good way. Great seller. Thanks!
perfect fuzz for playing 60s garage! Recommended!!
A+! wicked fuzzzzzzz
The pedal is fantastic. Nothing else out there like this one. Great seller!
This is THE FUZZ I've been looking for--nasty, killer sound!
excellent transaction. great fuzz pedal! thanks! AAA+++
Very cool mosrite-fuzzrite clone. Fast shipping, good communication. Thanks!
Awesome fuzz pedal. Great service, Very Happy
 outstanding pedal
Excellent Fuzz, very very good work, like the desciption!!!
No Frills Awesome Fuzz Pedal - Quick Delivery - Solid Purchase
awesume fuzz!!!!!thank you very much!!!!
Best pedal ever. Great seller, great product, thanks again!
Pecfect 60's garage fuzz, updated classic, nice price. Thanks!
Cool pedal. Thank you!!!
excellent fuzz tone, thanks!
This is a really fantastic sounding fuzz!!! Thanks. A++++++
I love this pedal! I couldn't stop playing it!!
Very authentic, and a lot of fun. Quick shipping, too. Thanks!!!
great fuzz, thank you.
todo en perfecto estado para tocar garage
     "everything in perfect condition to play garage"
Superb, Great Fuzz Pedal, Fast Shipping, Excellent, Thank You.
Great fuzz, quick shipping.
Greatest pedal ever! Thank you so much. I am amazed!
Fast shipping. Killer fuzz!!! Thanks! A+++ a Fuzzrite! Great product, great price, fast shipping.
Nice Box! More reliable than my vintage ones! Thanks!
Superfast delivery to the UK & great pedal. Just the fuzz I've been looking for!
What a wonderful FUZZ!!! Great sixties sound! All I needed. Thanks a lot!
Very cool pedal! Fits perfectly Davie Allan's rig. A+++
Love it!Gonna have fun with marks!
Im in fuzz nuggets heaven beutiful pedal mega quick delivary (US-UK 6 days)a++++
great 60's fuzz = back from the grave, nuggets, pebbles... thanks! A+++
Excellent. Been waiting 25 years for a pedal like this!
excellent seller!!! Great garage 60's Fuzz!!!!!
amazing pedal! great seller, absolutely recommended A++++
Prompt shipping. Buy a Fuzzbrite.
Great Fuzz fast shipping
LE SON + LE FEELING !!! Vintage & Extraordinaire, envoi rapide, cool, MERCI.
     "The sound + The feeling ! Vintage & extraordinary, rapid dispatch, cool, thank you."
Good Seller.I am over the moon with this pedal, pure vintage fuzz.Dig it.
Do you like Satisfaction,Psychotic Reaction?.,get this.
simple and pure - excellent
Warm and fuzzy.
item as described , a nice gnarly fuzz. Thanks
Ashley is awesome, the pedal is awesome and now my life is awesome. Awesome!
1 Bad@$$ Fuzz! Hi-quality. Fast ship. Great price. A+ deal. A truly Bad@$$ Fuzz!
Pedal works great. Sounds cool. Glad I bought it. Thanks.
Great Service, Great Fuzz, Thank you
Perfect. Just as described. Highly recommend! A++++
Very good fuzzbrite!!
wicked fuzz! does the Ventures tone to a tee and much more.
Excellent trustworthy seller, buy with confidence... OH, this pedal ROCKS!!!!!
Very satisfied !
Great pedal. Authentic 60's fuzz!!! And great ebayer. Thanks!
Perfect transaction, quick shipping - This is the BEST 60's FUZZ pedal EVER!! A+
Awesome fuzz pedal...A+
thanks. fast, great fuzzzzzzz
A Fine and Stinky-good Fuzz, shipped uber-quick, too. My kinda' seller.
Righteous pedal, and great service... Thanks
The best fu***ng fuzz pedal ever - buy it caveteens! It's an A+
Cool sounding fuzz pedal. Thanks!
Wonderful Stompbox, Amazing 60's Fuzz Sound, Great Gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thx!!!!
A+++++, this IS the pedal for the 60's psychedelic sound! RECOMMENDED! THANKS!!!
Excellent Pedal!!! Just the fuzz I was looking for... Fast shipping! Thanks! A+
Nice fuzz pedal. Thanks
Excellent!! The Best Fuzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds good. solid. i like it.
What a sound! Quick shipping without extortionate costs. AAAA+++
Excellent Seller and a GREAT Fuzz pedal. Highly Recommended AAAAAAA++++++
Awsome Stooges Fuzz not harsh sounding at all like most pedals !!
Excellent fuzzsound! No problems shipping to Europe. Thanks!
A++++,Thanks ,Sounds REALLY GREAT ! Fast Shiping
Great fuuuzzzzzz pedal. Fast sending. Thanks
Yeah! OUTSTANDING pedal. Pro seller, good price.
Simpley the best Fuzz on the market!!!! thanks ashbass!!!
Smooth transaction. Love the pedal. Sounds great.
Great pedal - really lives up to description. Quick smooth transaction. Thanks.
This is such a greatly crafted pedal. Completely satisfied with everything.
Great pedal, fast shipping, highly recommended. Thanks.
Great sound highly recomend Ashbass pedals.
Great Seller,Extremely well made Unit,Sounds Unbelievable & I own an original.
top seller,serious,fast,gorgeous product,i return to you in confidence,thanks!!!
What a fantastic pedal. The Ventures live on!! FAULTLESS transaction. Thanks!!!
Excellent sounding pedal. Very impressed. Good Ebayer
Great item in great condition. Thanks. Quick postage too.
Very good A++++++++
A great product and easy transaction!
thanks for the badass fuzz!!
best fuzz ever, thanks!
"Great Fuzz". Fast Shipping. Highly Recommend! "Great Fuzz"
Immediately one of my favorite fuzzes & I have & play a lot of 'em Exl. EbayerA+
Excellent pedal, very fast shipping. Thanks!
Yep! its all true, the tone DOES KICK ASS! Think the SEEDS!!
Boss fuzz. Speedy delivery. Thx.
Pedal arrived and works great. Quick shipping!
dead nutzzz fuzzz!!!!!!!!!!!
Very good fuzz box. Sounds like my Mosrite Thank you
great sound, nice transaction
AWESOME fuzztone! Fast shipping. THANKS!!!
Awesome! Music Machine/The Seeds type fuzz! Thanks!
Awesome Fuzz. Super greasy and just plain nasty. Perfect Transaction. A+++
this is the Davie Allan sound-- . thanks, ashbass!
Nice handmade work! Nasty Fuzz! Quick shipment....I love it!
They say this cat FUZZbrite is a bad muthafuzzer. I'm talking 'bout Ashbass!
excellent ebayer-smooth transaction-chiao
Great!Thank you!
Thanks a lot for the Fuzz! It's fantastic!
good approximation of a fuzzrite!
great Ebayer-Fast shipment-A+++
great to deal with!!!!!!!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~
What filth! Swamp Rats + liver failure. Great pedal.
exactly how it was described and exactly what i wanted. thanks alot.
quality product.... fast shipping. highly recommended. thanks.
great service, recommended seller. Love the FUZZZZZZZZZ. Many thanks!!! A++++++
excellent fuzz, prompt shipment thank you
Arrived fast and as described.
Thank you!
Super Legit Fuzz, one of the better pedals out there, well see how long it lasts
Righteous Fuzz! really very good shipping to the UK too ,outstanding!
Great ebayer. Thanks.
Item Shipped Promptly. Arrived in perfect condition. Thanks!!!
Great sounding pedal. Great transaction! Thanks Ashley.
The BEST fuzz pedal i have ever tried!
Excellent seller. Very good sounding well made fuzz. Arrived quickly.
FUZZbrite owns!! Now I can be total space cadette!!! Hehehhehe. AAAAA++++
this is the sound that's been in my head for years. thanks for giving it life!!!
def prefer this to my fuzzrite copy(thin tone)--a more full, rich, robust, kick!
quick shipment, great deal
A+++ seller!!! Great communication and super quick post out!!!!! Thanks again!!!
pleasantly surprised i like it thanks. GREAT SERVICE TOO
excellent, great communication! Thanks!
Good communication and prompt responses to my e-mails. Great pedal+fast shipping
Super Fast !! Great Fuzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
Great seller, fast shipment, awesome pedal. Just perfect. A++++++++++++++++
The Fuzzbrite is even better than expected. Great Job Ashley & Fantastic Pedal.
great pedal with fast response and shippement. pleasant deal. thanks!
excellent fuzz box *** happy buyer
Great pedal!! Delivery took a while but was well worth the wait.
great service - recommended!
Quick delivery, Great Communication, great seller AAAA+++++
great product!!! A++++ FANTASTIC FUZZ!!!
Great Pedal!!
great pedal, thanks!
perfect thank you!!!!
Excellent pedal and excellent service! Thank you!!!!
Fast delivery Great pedal A++++++++++
Good price, fast shipment, thank you!
Yeah! Great fuzz! Reliable and friendly ebayer!!! THANKS from Germany!!!!
Prompt shipping! Thank you!
Item as described, excellent communication, shipped quick! Recommended!
real fast shipping, built like a tank!
excellent pedal, fuzz like hell! For sixties garage fans! fast shipping too...
Fast delivery and item as described. Thanks
Super fuzz and built like a tank! Great service. Thanks.
nasty screaming fuzz...excellent!
Great speedy delivery. Nice one!
excellent seller - nice product
Great pedal. Great price. Ashley is the man (or woman whatever the case may be
Great pedal and service.
THIS pedal will be the next TS808. Lots of tones in this box. Very impressive!
Sweet pedal. Excellent packing. Item as described.
Great Fuzz! Thanks Ash!
Fuxxbox recieved 7/3 and performs great.. Thanks.
As advertised, sounds great..packaged well. thanks.
great pedal, great service
Item as described. Fast shipping. Thanks!! Nice pedal.
Quick shipping, nice pedal!
eXcellent clone!!! Great value!!! THANK YOU!!!
Looking for the Fuzz of the 60's; The Seeds, Davie Allen etc.. Here it is!
fastest shipping from Usa! Thanks, great Fuzz!
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby! Throw away your BigMuff for the Ashbass fuzz! Thanks
Very cool
Amazing fuzz, one of the best i've ever heard. Great shipping and communication.
very good seller, fast and correct A++++++++++
IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA,Baby!!!! Finally the real thing,Thanks Ashdude,AAAA++++++
A very nice seller!!! Smooth and easey transaction!!!!!!!!!! A++++++++++++
hella awesome fuzz! i recommend this to anyone wanting that vintage 60's noise!
a great historic reissue,the pedal is very good. Thanks ashbass
great fuzz baby!
Good pedal. Sounds so classic like original !
excellent ebayer; perfect communication; fast shipment
very sweet guy to deal with, really fast shipping :))
great ebayer, would recommend, A+++
Cool price for an even cooler sounding pedal!
Awesome deal, this FUZZbrite nails down the Spirit in the Sky song
Excellent! Really fast shipping, great communication!
great pedal...a true sonic flashback to '67, great transaction thanks A+++
Wow,pedal sounds Fabulous!Absolutely kills my Maestro Fuzztone.Thanks Ashbass!
This fuzz is the real deal! Just listen to The Ventures 2000 Pound Bumble Bee!
Absolutely awesome! Now I can make the sounds I have loved since forever. Thanks
Great item. A
king fuzz, huge value. thanks!
great 60's fuzz-- great E-Bayer
Great Item, fast delivery, really nice eBayer!
Very fast shipping. I'm satisfing Excellent FUZZ sound. Thank you. AAA+++
Great service,goods as described,very pleased.
very pleased-lovely loud harsh olde tyme Mosrite fuzz sound-fast shipping too
Great seller. Great transaction. GREAT FUZZ. Get your '60s fuzz here!
cool fuzz pedal - well packed - good ebay experience - thanks!
Fantastic Fuzz! Really is the best fuzz. Great ebayer. Thanks.
Thanks for the speedy delivery
fantastic fuzz delivered ultra fast - brilliant... fuzztones eat your heart out!
Good 60's garage fuzz
Great fuzz box, and shipped very quickly. Thanks
Great Ebay seller!!!!!. A++
Super transaction! Fast delivery! Fantastic fuzz! Thanks!
thanks... awsome fuzz pedal. great to deal with you.. a+++++++++++++++++++++++++
Very fast. Great product. The FUZZbrite is great. thanks.
The REAL deal !!! Great nasty Cynics Seeds garage psycho tone !!!! Get it !!
Cooooool sound, great fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Thank you very much!
A+++++ Thanks a Bundle!
good vintage sound! good deal!!
Incredible! Really close to the original fuzzrite sound, if not exact
AWSOME PEDAL!!!!!! great transaction Fast shipping!!!!!!
Fantastic Pedal, arrived superfast, very smooth transaction, thanks Ashley.
Great Transaction, and great communication!!! Thanks for the FUZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!
Pedal arrived promptly and was as described
A+++, Immediate delivery, Sounds great!, Fantastic customer service, etc.
THE BEST FUZZ I HAVE EVER HEARD!!! Real 60' sound! Great eBayer! Fast shipping!
Fast service. Great product. I have found the sound that I craved.
Very nice to deal with. FUZZbrite is TREMENDOUS! I've found my 2000 Pound Bee!
What a great fuzz! Looked for this sound for a long time. BUY ONENOW!Zthanks!
Great sounding fuzz box!
smooth transaction...Great pedal ! A great Ebayer ! A++++++++
Excellent E-bayer, fast Shipping!! BEST best 60s fuzz clone I've ever played! A+
Shipped on time:well packed.The box is great.!The sound is all I hoped for!
Perfect. Thank you.