DominHTML      version 5.7
Are you frustrated with the "wizard-ware" HTML editors flooding the internet? Maybe you just wish you could find an editor that was simple enough to figure out on your own but powerful enough to markup your pages in a hurry? This is your editor, then. It's fast and it's easy to use.
     DominHTML lets you control your editing process. We never bothered with the multi-screen wizard-thing but instead created little "roll-up" dialog boxes that contain the tags you need and that don't lock you out of your document while they're open. With this approach, you can keep a tag helper on screen all the time, editing your document and inserting codes interactively.

What does DominHTML look like?
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  • What's new?
  • Nominal hit on system resources
  • Drag-n-drop text editing
  • Colorized HTML tags
  • Tabs AND Window menu access to your open documents.
    Document tabs at top or bottom of editor.
  • Project Management for fast work with Multiple Files
  • Multiple File (across drives/directories) Find&Replace
  • User definable Templates
  • Return to Editor icon when viewing a file in your browser
  • Code Library for often used HTML snippets
  • User definable tags list
  • Interactive access to Font, Table, List, and Links tags (no clunky Wizards!)

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