Wah Wah Pedal True Bypass

Many Wah Wah pedals suffer from "Tone Suck" when they are are not on but are still in the pedal chain. This can typically cause your other pedals in the chain to have unpredictable results and generally accepted poor tone. True Bypass switching will allow the signal from your guitar to pass straight through the pedal without indluding any of the circuit shortcomings. When the pedal is off there is no tone suckage interfering with the rest of your pedals.

Click on any photo below to see a larger version.

Here are two ways to do a true bypass mod. Both involve rewiring the pedal's on/off switch. Often you'll need to install a different switch than what is in your pedal stock. You'll need a switch with at least two rows of lugs. This will be a DTDP which has two rows of lugs. You can also use a 3TDP leaving the one row of lugs out of your work. You can use this unused row to add an LED to the pedal. Those instructions are beyond the scope of this tutorial but are available on the internet. Wah Wah Pedals
I see many Wah pedals that are wired for true bypass using the diagram on the right in the image above. I did this pedal years and years ago before I understood what was going on or why. Now, I use the switching that is on the left in the image above. Wah Wah Pedals
Here is a great diagram for using the "more wires" true bypass. I did not make this image but did modify a bit to meet my needs. You can see the original diagram at http://www.wah-wah.co.uk/ Wah Wah Pedals
Another great help from http://www.wah-wah.co.uk/. Here are detailed instructions for wiring the switch like the diagram above and on the left side of the first diagram above. Again, I modified the text a bit to better meet my needs. Wah Wah Pedals
Here is a diagram for a Duncan version of the Cry Baby. Wah Wah Pedals
That's it. Close up the pedal and you should be happy that your pedal no longer sucks tone when it is off. Wah Wah Pedals


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