ashbass Epiphone Valve Junior Control Panel Face Lift

I have three Valve Junior amps. Two are combos and the other a head. While browsing the www for VJR mods (click here to see what all I found) I saw on someone's page a head that had been turned around so that the controls were now at the bottom of the head and the wire mesh of the rear panel now at the top. I thought that looked pretty slick.

I set out to do the same thing to my head. I took the rubber feet and the handle off of the cabinet. Then I flipped the cabinet over and installed them on the opposite sides of the cabinet from where they came. I flipped the chassis around so that the controls were on the bottom and the mesh on top and screwed everything back together. Here's what that looked like.

This worked. But my control panel was now upside down. I want it right side up. The VJRs I mentioned above had a different material covering the standard control panel. Doing that they were free to drill and make labels as they wished. But I want the standard control panel to show, just right side up.

My plan is to use a dremel tool to cut the control panel away from the rest of the chassis. That will let me get the right side up control panel. With the chassis removed from the cabinet I popped out the nut holders from the top lip of the control panel.

Then I measured and drilled two 1/2 inch holes on either side of the underside of the chassis. The holes needed to line up with the factory made holes/squares on the control panel lip.

From the inside of the chassis, I inserted the nut holders into the two new holes.

Next I dremeled a line across the underside of the chassis and separated the control panel from the rest of the chassis.

I had to extend several wires so that they could reach the controls they belonged to which now with the control panel flipped over were farther away. I got everything plugged in correctly and then put both pieces (front panel and chassis) into the cabinet.

Ta Da! Not too shabby.