Wah Wah Short Shaft On/Off Switch Height

Many Wah Wah pedals suffer from a switch that is too hard to press. A player might need to put his full weight on the toe-down position to activate it. Below are some ways to get the switch to behave as it should and how we expect it to.

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Here is the pedal I'm working on for the tutorial. It's a 60s-70s Thomas Organ Cry Baby. Wah Wah Pedals
This pedal is very difficult to turn on/off. The switch is sitting too low for the toe-down push to activate it. You may need to put all of your weight on the toe-down to get the switch to activate. This is no good. Wah Wah Pedals
One option is to remove the rubber stop pads from under the front of the pedal. This will work to get to the switch, but now you may be stuck with a switch that is very sensitive and on just about every toe-down you do the switch gets activatated and it drops out of Wah mode. Removing the rubber stops will cost you when you go to sell the pedal. It is no longer vintage correct. Unless you save the parts and put them back when you are ready to sell. Wah Wah Pedals
Another option is to raise the switch. This can be tedious if you're doing it for the first time. You need to remove the nut on the switch, then pull the switch out of the pedal, then lower the nut that is still on the switch. Lowering this nut will let more of the switch out of the pedal and will then let the pedal press the switch at your desire. There will be a lot of back and forth to dial in the pressure needed to activate the switch. You have to put the switch back in the pedal and put the top nut that you took off earlier back on and screw it down and then test. If it is still too low, adjust the nuts again and test again. Wah Wah Pedals
Or, looking at the problem from another view, you could just put something on top of the switch. This effectively makes the switch shaft taller. Tall enough to press the switch with little effort yet keep it from activating by accident. You will need to find something that gives you the height you need. I used a nut here and the pedal worked perfectly after that. Use super glue (or similar) to set the nut (or whatever you use) on the top of the switch. Wah Wah Pedals


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