Peterson StroboPLUS HD
I've had a Peterson Strobo pedal as part of my setup for years now. I started with the blue pedal version 1. I didn't use any of the 'pedal' features as I kept it on all the time fed by a secondary output from one of my other pedals. I always thought that there was a lot of useless space when all I had a need for was the strobe display. Then I bought a StroboClassic pedal. It had a full half circle display which I was thrilled with, but still had extraneous features for my needs and a lot of wasted space.

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Peterson's StroboPLUS HD tuner is exactly (almost) what I wanted in the first place. This new Peterson offering wasn't trying to be a pedal, so the extra space lost by my earlier two versions was no longer an issue. This new strobotuner has a huge half circle display and the other half of the unit is filled with feature buttons.

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It has a microphone. It has 90 presets. It's firmware updatable via USB. It has a USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery. The list of advancements is large. See the Peterson Tuners StroboPLUS HD web page for more details.

What it doesn't have is an AC adapter jack for power. That's a big one.

I want my tuner to turn on when I turn on the power strip that powers everything else I use when playing guitar. My amps, my effects, everything is turned on/off by that power strip. But all that comes with the StroboPLUS is a USB cable to connect it to my computer. It gets its power that way, or from the battery if my computer isn't on.

A cell phone charger solved the problem. It plugs into the power strip so it only has power coming out of it when the strip is on, and thus the StroboPLUS only has power when the strip is on. This is good. But I want more.

SIDENOTE: Do not create a custom adapter so your One-Spot or PowerAll can power your tuner. It's a good idea, but 9v will fry some inside stuff and you won't be able to connect to Peterson via USB anymore. That's what I've heard anyway.

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With the USB plug sticking out of the side of the tuner it was only a matter time before the jack would get damaged. So I bought a short Micro USB cable with a right angled plug on Ebay for $3.59 shipped. I cut the plugs off of my AC adapter and the new cable and then spliced the right angled plug to the AC adapter cord. There are only four wires in a USB cable and for power, you only need the red and black wires. Easy peasy.

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Now I'm done. I have a great tuner that turns on/off automatically when I turn on/off the power strip for everything else and which no longer has a precarious USB plug and cable sticking out of its side.

To remove the battery icon from the display unplug the battery from its jack inside the battery compartment.

Use Peterson's online customization application to change the level of backlight brightness.

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