Wiring Diagrams
for Gibson Les Paul and Flying V

Here are some images I fixed up to show the various wirings that I've noodled around with on my Les Pauls and Flying Vs. Thanks to the Les Paul Forum for all the info I've gained from there and to Black Rose Customs for including a diagram of their kit wiring on their website. Let me know what you think: ashbass@com.ashbass

50s wiring in a '59 burst.

Note that it might be preferable to break the connection to ground on the two non-master volume pots in the diagram above. If left connected, you may get a muddy sound as the non-master pot and the master pot will combine resistance. Removing the grounds from the non-master vol controls will ensure no tone loss but will also mean that you can't turn either pickup all the way off when in the middle position. Of course, there're the other two positions for that.

Here are some small MP3s that demonstrate the difference between Parallel and Series wiring. You will first hear the neck and bridge pickups in parallel, then the neck and bridge pickups in series. No settings were changed for each part of the recordings except to switch from parallel to series coupling of the pickups. More info here...

Les Paul middle position
Strat neck and middle position

Les Paul (2-pickup) Style Guitar Series/Parallel Wiring

50s style wiring diagram
Modern style wiring diagram
Standard style wiring diagram
50s wiring diagram
Modern wiring diagram
Standard wiring diagram
Les Paul wiring diagram
Stock wiring diagram
Series Parallel dual pickup

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