Alternate Tuner Stringing

When I was restringing my R7 (Historic 1957 Reissue) a while back I thought, why not wrap the strings up the post instead of down? Wouldn't that help take away some of the sharp break angle over the nut that causes me the occaisional tuning instability? And, wouldn't it to some extent make my bends a little bit more slinky feeling ala the tailpiece topwrap?

Anyway, here's a little diagram that shows the traditional way I've always installed my strings on top and the reverse wind, or topwrap, method I'm using on my Gibsons now.

Here is the stringing part of the Gibson user manual that comes with many Gibson guitars. You can wind the string up the shaft instead of down by changing "then around the upper side of the post (D) and under the string (A) at (B)" to "then around the uppper side of the post (D) and [B]over [/B] the string (A) at (B)" like in the image below.

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