MXR Distortion + Increase Output Level Mod

I love the sound of my '78 Distortion + but the Output knob had to be on 10 to match my clean signal. There wasn't any push over the top when the pedal was engaged. There wasn't much information on the web or in Usenet so I broke down and asked how to fix it myself. If you're interested, the thread of conversation can be read by clicking the link below.

Usenet MXR Distortion + Mods thread

  1. PARTS: You'll need a 100-ohm resistor , a soldering iron, and some solder.
  1. Open your pedal by taking out the four screws on the bottom. Remove the bottom cover and put it off to one side.
  1. Replace 10k-ohm resistor with your 100-ohm resistor as shown in the photo.
  1. You're all done.
    You should now have an increase in output/volume from about 2:45 on on the Output knob.

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