2xX Speaker Cabinet Wiring

I have a 2x12 cab that holds two 8 ohms speakers. A while back I put a DPDT switch in the back of it so I could switch between 4 ohms and 16 ohms.

Recently, I got a Vox AC4TV that wants to see 8 ohms even though it is labled 16 ohms. I can use the 2x12 cab with it set to 16 ohms, but I wanted to be able to tap the individual speakers as well. So I did this:

The jacks on the left are for the individual speakers. They are switched jacks, so if nothing is plugged in to one that speaker links to the DPDT switch.

Now I have the full access I was after. A bonus is that I can use the cab with two amps or for any other stereo thing I have in mind.


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