If you

want the

FUZZrite sound,

affordable and with

no added wish-wash,

buy a FUZZbrite     

                                          I built the FUZZbrite so that I could have the Mosrite FUZZrite's 60's fuzz sound any time I wanted, without having to rely on original vintage pedals. I use carbon composition resistors and .05mf capacitors just like the originals did. The FUZZbrite is as awesome today as the Mosrite FUZZrite was in the 60s and 70s.

My FUZZbrite pedals are exact reproductions of the original Mosrite Fuzzrite silicon circuit. They are not "my take" on a FUZZrite. They are not "my version of a Fuzzrite with extra [insert additional whatever]". They are a FUZZrite.

Listen to the licks below.

Sample Licks
In each sample, a lick is played twice. One is a vintage FUZZrite and one is my FUZZbrite.
Which is which?

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