The FUZZ is back!

And ASHBASS has it, still.

My FUZZbrite pedals are reproductions of the original Mosrite Fuzzrite silicon circuit with the added convenience of true-bypass switching, input jack battery on/off, an LED, and AC adapter power input.

I built the first FUZZbrite in 2005 so that I could have the Mosrite FUZZrite's 60's fuzz sound any time I wanted, without having to rely on original vintage pedals. I examined the FUZZrites that I had collected and then I built the FUZZbrite to mirror those vintage pedals. With carbon composition resistors and .05mf capacitors just like the originals, the FUZZbrite is as awesome today as the Mosrite FUZZrite was in the 60s and 70s. Click the Sample Licks at the bottom of the page to hear what it's all about.

If you want the original Mosrite FUZZrite sound, affordable and uncluttered with modern wish-wash, you want to buy a FUZZbrite.

Read the reviews and feedback linked to below.
You'll quickly see that it's not just me who knows how special the FUZZbrite is.

Harmony-Central user reviews
Fuzzbrite feedback


The sample licks were recorded clean and then played from a CD (to eliminate player inflections) into a FUZZbrite and a vintage Mosrite FUZZrite pedal. Each sample has the same lick played twice, once through each pedal. I won't say which comes first or second in each sample. In fact, since I recorded them ten years ago, I don't even know myself. That's how good the FUZZbrite sounds.

Price: $99.00 incl shipping
Check here for available inventory.

Dealer inquiries are welcome.
Minimum discounted dealer order is 10 units.

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The Dunlop FuzzFace doesn't sound this good.
The Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face doesn't sound this good.


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