Lotus WordPro Enhancements

'Open Files' Tabstrip
Run this a startup script and you'll have a strip of tabs under your SmartIcons that will represent your open documents. Just click a tab to activate the document you want to work with. This is what I wanted when I put together the StatusBar Button script below, but WordPro 97 couldn't do it. Now with Millennium (oh yes, this one only works with the Millennium WordPro--sorry) version you can program dockable dialogs and here we are.
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'Open Files' StatusBar Button
This script will add a new button to your status bar which will display the name of the active document and alphabetically list the names of your current open documents in its popup list. You can optionally display full paths with the file names for both the button and its list. Selecting an item from the list will make that document active. A 486 will provide you with the button's full functionality, but you'll need to be running at least a Pentium to fully appreciate all of the script's benefits.

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Shift-click Functionality for SmartIcons
You can get double duty from SmartIcons with scripts attached to them by adding a few lines of code to your scripts. First you must declare a windows API function. Put this line of code at the top of your *.lss scripts or in the Declarations section of doc scripts:
     declare Function GetKeyState Lib "User32" (ByVal nVirtKey) as Integer
Then put the GetKeyState function into an If...Then construct as follows:
     If GetKeyState(16) < 0 then
       (code to run if shift is pressed)
       (code to run if shift is not pressed)
     End if

Text Control Scripts and SmartIcon set
This archive contains some scripts and SmartIcons that will help you get a better handle on your text layouts. Be sure to read the included Installation.txt file. Original scripts by Stephen Miller with some modifications by Ashley Bass.
Included are SmartIcons allowing you to:
  • Increase First Line, Body Lines, Right Lines,
    and All Lines Indentation (shiftclick to decrease)
  • Increase Line Spacing (shiftclick to decrease)
  • Increase Text Tightness (Kerning) (shiftclick to decrease)
    This is great to make text scale to fit on page for instance
  • Add/Increase Para Borders and Shadow(shiftclick to decrease)

Cycle Through Paragraph Spacings
Assign this little script to the included icon and you'll be able to cycle through the paragraph spacings of [one half, single, one and one half, double] with just a click of a button. You can use TweakWP, below, to assign the script a keyboard shortcut if you like.


Tweak WordPro      Now works for all LWP versions.
TweakWP puts a simple interface on the hassle of adjusting several of the WordPro registry entries..

  • Export your SmartCorrect entries for use on another machine.
          This is also great for periodic backup of your SM entries.
  • Reset your SmartIcons to their original configuration.
  • Specify keyboard hotkeys for your lotusscript scripts. see it
  • Choose a margin color. see it
  • Choose the filters to display in the Open and SaveAs dialog boxes. see it
  • Clear the Recent Files and Recent SmartMasters lists.

"Change Case" Menu Item
This startup script puts a "Change Case" item under the "Text" menu that lets you change the case of selected text to Upper case, Lower case, Title case, and Sentence case. It also lets you toggle the case of selected case for when accidentally have caps lock on. It's set up to use the alt+F3 key sequence as a keyboard hotkey. The major credit for this goes to Robert Jacobson, as I just modified the interface a bit.

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Assign FKeys to Styles
This startup script puts an "FKeys..." item under the "Text, Named Styles..." menu that opens a dialog which lets you assign para/text styles to your function keys. Unlike in the Millennium edition of WordPro, this script lets you use fkeys for BOTH CycleKeys AND Styles. CycleKeys work as normal and you'll need to use ctrl+FKey sequences to activate an assigned style. Think of it as "controlling" your styles.

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15 Item Recent Files Menu
The Recent Files list in WordPro seems to run off the bottom of my screen after about 2 entries. So, here is a little script to add to your Startup Scripts that will add a cascading Recent Files menu to your File menu.
  • Lists up to 15 items
  • Adds a new entry on every Open or SaveAs event
  • Cascades to the side of the File menu so it won't get too large to see
  • Lets you clear all items from the list
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Change Margin Color
This is my first script in WordPro. I wrote it because the margin color changing script that's been around for a couple of years apparently doesn't like WordPro 97; it bombed WordPro every time I tried to run it. This is a WordPro document with a table of colors in it that you can just click on to quickly change your margin colors. It's fast, free, and easy.

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Other's Color Scripts
   RichZ has two   (97 only)
   The original one   (bombs LWP 97)