Zoom G3 G5 Delay Time Tap Tempo

The G3 and G5 manuals say that delay time can be set to match the TAP tempo of the unit.

What the manuals do not tell us is how to do it.

So here's how to do it.

Start with a delay effect.

Access the parameters for the delay by pressing the Page button or turning a knob.

Turn the Time knob all the way to its max. Here we have 5 seconds of delay. Hmmm. Useful.

Now turn the Time knob a little more to the right and you exit millisecond mode and enter note duration mode.

Keep turning the Time knob in note duration mode to explore the possibilities. Note also that as soon as you entered note duration mode, the TAP button in the row of buttons above the panel displays started to blink. It is blinking in time to the current tempo. Press the button twice to change the tempo and thus the Time of the delay.

Check out the ashbass Tap Rhythm Mod to get easy access to that TAP button and the RHYTHM button in an external foot pedal.


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