Flying V Toggle Switch Flip Direction Mod

The default switch direction on my Flying V was uncomfortable to manipulate so here's my Flying V Toggle Switch Flip Direction Mod. This mod will work on a '67 style V as well.

Stock, my V98's toggle switch movement was perpendicular-ish to the guitar.

I want my toggle switch movement to be more parallel to the guitar.

The stock switch looks like this:

It can't be moved so that the switch works parallel to the guitar because there is not enough room in the control cavity to turn it.

So I got a smaller switch.

The control cavity was not deep enough to house this switch without most of its thread sticking way out above the pickguard. I had to remove some of the switch's height. It then would be short enough in the control cavity to allow me to get the thread to stop just above the pickguard. Now there is just enough thread visible to hold the nut.

Victory. With the little switch installed I have the parallel toggling that I was looking for.